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Science at Colville

We believe that science at Colville generates excitement and curiosity about the world and above all respect for the environment and all living things.

The scientific method enables those involved to learn through the process of trial and error and improvement. Through this method, each learner develops their own ‘Science Capital’ and this helps them to develop a greater understanding of the world around them. We recognise that every member of society is a ‘scientist’ and we all need a vast understanding of this subject to survive in the modern world.


Primary Science Quality Mark GILT Award 

We have achieved the highly recognised PSQM GILT Award.  It was noted that, 'hard-working staff ...alongside our passionate and dedicated subject leader...have achieved a transformation in science and share a clear vision.'  One parent commented that, 'Science is taught in such a way that curiosity and exploration is greatly encouraged rather then an acceptance of facts.' 

 Science teaching and learning principles 

We know Science is good when children are…

  • engaged in discovering science reasoning
  • have their curiosity and enjoyment sparked through exploration
  • not just confined to the classroom but taken outside, offsite and where there is no separation between everyday life and it
  • continue to converse about the lesson when it is over and show interest by formulating scientific questions
  • using scientific vocabulary in new situations
  • applying scientific research skills to discover and identify patterns so that they can use evidence to provide solutions to answers
  • excited about taking their learning further in and out of school
  • able to make links to the broader curriculum and their life experience
  • leading their own learning, carrying out and planning investigations to help provide an answer to their own question.

Science Policy