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Useful Links

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Online Resources


Here is a selection of other online resources you can use to support with homework tasks, as well as explore new learning together at home.

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Homework Help

Homework help has a great information site. You can find information on any subject here - perfect for a research project or good to browse and brush up on general knowledge skills. 

 Click to go to National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

This website is packed with information about Geography and Science.  

Click for Science Museum

Science Museum

The Science Museum has a great section with information on different subjects like transport, computers and more. There are also links to different objects in the museum as well as the latest science news. 

 Click for Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has a children's section with lots of information on dinosaurs as well as other areas.

 Click for KS2 Bitesize

KS2 Bitesize Revision

Encourage your child to use this website to help with revision for any tests in English, Maths or Science. It is aimed at Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  

Click for KS1 Bitesize

KS1 Bitesize Revision 

This site is for year 1 and 2 to revise and practice their learning. It is also great for older pupils who want to make sure they have the basic skills. There are English and Maths activities on here as well as games.

 Click for Newsround


Newsround is a BBC News website for children. There are lots of videos and articles to help children keep up-to-date on what is going on in the world around them.   Sections include Sport, Entertainment, Animals and News. 

 Click for ehomework


Another homework help website. There are lots of great articles on how to help your child with different aspects of their education, from handwriting, to SATs preparation. 

 Click for BEAM maths

BEAM: Free Resources 

 This link will take you to the Free Resources section of the BEAM website. BEAM stands for 'Be a Mathematician'. The resources are great to help children with their mathematical understanding.


CBBC Website

Click for CBBC Games

There are a number of games on the CBBC website that are related to the shows shown on this channel. Lots of these games can help with learning too, for example, there is a Doctor Who game that helps with History. 


Click for Cbeebies Games