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Colville Primary

Mission, Vision and Values


Colville Primary School will work tirelessly to inspire all pupils to make outstanding progress and fulfil their potential.


Colville Primary School inspires pupils to make excellent academic progress with exciting, challenging and outstanding learning.

To do this we create a respectful, inclusive atmosphere that is welcoming, fun, friendly and safe. We develop learners’ confidence through high achievements in sport and the arts.


There are three key values that are central to our ethos at Colville:

  • Respect

  • Aspiration

  • Perseverance

Values are principles that guide behaviour. We believe that a strong moral code empowers children to be effective learners and good citizens. 

In our assemblies, we celebrate festivals as well as have a focus on a theme.   

Autumn 1

Learning Well (Harvest)

Autumn 2

Celebrating & Remembering (Remembrance, Hanukkah, Christmas)

Spring 1

Being Me (Friendships, Stereotypes, LGBT)

Spring 2

Around the World (Fairtrade, World Book Day, International Women’s Day)

Summer 1


Summer 2

Aspiration (Eid ul Fitr)